Coming soon to a location near you. Read below for information on getting a Forage machine at your location. Contact us for more information.

Get a Forage Machine at your location:

What if a vending machine could change a life?

FORAGE machines offer locally sourced, nutritious food on the go, prepared by our community partners. They support local farmers and businesses. And, when you use FORAGE, your purchase buys a meal for people in need!

The best part is that YOU can have one installed at your location!

FORAGE vending machines can be delivered and installed at your location. Our machines are unique in that we offer items that are nutritious and locally sourced. Can you imagine real food from a vending machine AND it helps New Mexicans in need? It’s a win-win-win!

Support Local • Eat Healthy • Help New Mexico

Proceeds from FORAGE benefit Meals on Wheels New Mexico to continue their mission of delivering healthy meals and friendship – neighbor to neighbor.

Monthly Service Plan

First three months, no service fee!

FORAGE and your organization will review the first quarter of sales to determine if the service is working and beneficial for both parties.

  • For One Machine:

    The monthly service fee is $130. 

    Sales will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.  Sales under a $300 monthly average may indicate that machine placement is not optimal.  FORAGE will discuss options with you for mutual success.

  • Additional Options/Features:

    Your organization may choose to offer company discounts to your staff.  For example, you may wish to offer a 25% off “happy hour” once a month, weekly or daily.  A one-week notice to FORAGE is needed to ensure that discounts can be programmed.  Your organization will be billed the discounted amount at the end of the month.

Top view Asian man and woman healthy eating salad after exercise at fitness gym. Two athlete eating salad for health together. Selective focus on salad bowl on hand.

Call us at (505) 418-1088 or contact Gaabe Zamora at gzamora@forageforgood.org