Healthy vending machines debut at New Mexico hospitals

KRQE | ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – When you absolutely need a late-night snack, vending machines are the go-to solution. But they’re often packed with sugary, fatty treats, rather than fulfilling meals. Now, Meals on Wheels is changing that.

The nonprofit Meals on Wheels has been bringing food to New Mexicans for decades. And they’re now offering healthy food in vending machines. Proceeds from the machines go to supporting Meals on Wheels.

So far, several machines at Presbyterian Medical Center’s cafe and Presbyterian Rust Medical Center’s food court are offering healthy options to visitors. Several more machines offer food for staff at Presbyterian Santa Fe Medical Center and Presbyterian Kaseman Hospital.

“This is a triple win,” Dennis Plummer, Meals on Wheels of New Mexico chief strategy officer, said in a press release. Plummer oversees the service; he says, “It’s easy access to fresh foods for patients, their families, and medical staff. We are supporting local farmers and partners, and the proceeds will support people who need a local home-delivered meal service.”

Meals on Wheels says they plan on expanding the healthy vending machine program to other locations around both Albuquerque and Santa Fe.